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Welcome to the Sligo Baroque Orchestra website. Please take the time to look around and find out a bit about us. Check out our news section for any upcoming concerts.​

​Sligo Baroque Orchestra began life as Sligo Early Music Ensemble in 1990 at a time when classical instrumental music in Sligo was almost non-existent.

Its aim was playing music from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in a historically informed manner and for twenty years it has maintained that goal, meeting for weekly rehearsals, exploring hundreds of baroque compositions, holding workshops and giving more than a hundred performances in Sligo and the North West.

The orchestra is markedly inclusive, involving much sought-after professional musicians as well as amateur and student instrumentalists, and involving members from very different musical backgrounds.

The sbo has been joined by eminent soloists including cellist Stephan Forck, viola player Stefan Fehlandt, flautist Eleanor Dawson, gamba player Sarah Groser and violinists Niamh Crowley and Nicola Cleary.

Music Evening - Glebe House

It was great to musically bookend the summer with the Carrick Watermusic Festival concert (which went so well) and  the al fresco music-making in Glebe House courtyard which despite midges and less than balmy temperatures was special - and immediately fills the imagination with possible future events. So my thanks to all who cooperated in these ventures...

Keep an eye on the website for our upcoming concerts over the coming months and also check out the Sligo Festival of Baroque Music website for information on the festival which takes place at the end of the month.

SBO performing in the courtyard of Glebe House

SBO performing in the courtyard of Glebe House

A quick rehearsal before the performance gets underway!

A quick rehearsal before the performance gets underway!

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